Last Update: 18 Jan 2016

Road Safety Ride  -  In Memory of Yuwei

Follow The Rules

The Objective of this event is to remind all the road users to follow the rules. 

On the 9 September 2012, Look Yuwei (28) decided to take a detour off the Campaign For A Lane (CFAL) by going through Jalan Tun Sardon on his way home from Balik Pulau. As he was coming down the hill, he lost control of his bicycle. Accidentally, he was knocked down by an oncoming car. He passed away from severe internal injuries after reaching the hospital.

We picked up the news a day after the event. We very concerned about the safety level of the roads in Penang now that cycling has gained such a momentum. This event was organized in memory of a fellow fallen cyclist, Yuwei and also to impart crucial messages to all road users alike.

Yuwei's accidental death has been another eye opener for all road users. We want to advocate harmony and mentality culture of sharing among all road users. Bicycles are as much a part of traffic as the other road users. Another message to be imparted is to the cyclists is safety is more importance than win, please follow the laws of traffic while cycling.