Last Update: 29 Jan 2016

23-7-2013 Posted:

SHARED BICYCLE LANE 30 METRES MOCK UP LANE Updates on the Shared Bicycle Lane that was approved by the state earlier.

After a series of high level meetings, our state engineer Ir TS Yew has finally approved 2 stretches of 30 metre mock up bicycle lanes in the most appropriate place ie at the GIVE ME FIVE sculptor in front of the Flamingo hotel. If you happen to cycle up this way after the 27th July, do take a ride on this short segments on both sides of the road and give you comment. If all goes well this will be implemented from Bomba near Gurney Drive to Balik Pulau and back ( 60 Km). Before we can expect the motorists to respect our 3 feet green domain on the road, guys lets cycle more responsibly. Prior to the launching of the lane hopefully in conjunction with the 5th CFAL, we hope to have a series of educational and awareness programmes for 1) cyclists 2) motorists 3) Pedestrian. Hope to get the supports from all of you.