Take a leisurely ride up Penang Hill, anyone ?   

At nearly 750 meters (2400 feet), it's cool and refreshing at top of Penang Hill (official name Bukit Bendera) 

The ride starts at entrance next to the Botanical garden, a 5 kilometer ride up the tar road, at an average speed of 4 to 5 kph

A slow and non-stop ride takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes

Coming down, if you're a seasoned downhill person, it will probably take you about 15 minutes

Approaching Penang Botanical Garden 

Main entrance to Penang Hill

Fitness level prerequisites
  • Must have cycled up hills before
  • Your MTB must have enough gears - a modern 10 by 3 gearset should be good enough
  • Must be fit
Checks before ride
  • Do not eat a heavy meal 2 hours before ride
  • Ensure that your brakes are working properly
  • Ensure that your tyres are not worn out
Checks at the entrance before you start
  • Adjust your seat to an optimum level- too low would be hard on your legs
  • Wear your helmet - especially coming down
  • Lock your front fork
  • Adjust your gear all the way down, to the lowest
  • Wear shoes and optionally gloves
  • Bring a bottle of water - place in water cage

The gentle first 100 meter. 

Pedal slowly, breathing deep and gently, coordinating your leg strokes with your breath, just relax and try to enjoy the ride !

Go on a zig zag 'S' if you' need to go easier on our legs, but watch for hikers, motorbikes and cars

First hill conquered !  If you feel breathless, slow down your cadence, do 'S', but try not to stop

On top of second hill !

By now you should have an indication if you can do the rest

Harder ones are ahead...

Don't keep looking ahead, but yes, you need to glance what's in front every so often, watching out for cars, motorbikes and hikers, even fellow cyclists

Your real test comes after 300 meters

First major hill 400

And another toughie at 500

The gentler slopes at 700 to 800 meters allows you to take a breather before facing the toughest of the first half section of Penang Hill 

Start of the steep slope before 46 

Hikers walking up the steep section

At 1.3 km, almost at 46 

You have arrived at 46 resting area.  The next 1.2 km will be flat and easy

Next stop after the easy 1.2km, the popular mid way most locals called 84 (landslide took part of the shed away, and it's still in disrepair, unfortunately)

Many cyclists end their ride here.  

How fast was your ride to 84? If you're going at 4 to 5kph, you should take about 30 to 40 minutes

Start of the second section of Penang Hill

A 30% steep climb at 2.6

2.6, 2.7 hair pin

If you are wondering what it is, its graffiti on the mirror!

Catch a nice view on left at 2.9

Before the bangalow houses, a steep and narrow stretch

Approaching the bungalo after 4 km

Start of the climb to the narrowest section of the ride after the bungalow

I always find this part stressful because if there's any passing vehicle, you may just have to alight.  And when you do, be careful to engage your brake the instant you put your foot on the road

Another flat section

Last steep climb at 4.7km    

Two more turns and you're there!

You are there !

At the top of Bukit Bendera !

Burns 220 kcal of energy !

Head for the food stalls!  Ice kachang, fry kuey teow,  fresh fruit juices... 

Contact me if you're keen to go up, I can be your guide   

Walin Shee +6012 423 1163 walin@howei.com

Cross the bridge, head towards Pulau Tikus and then Botanical Garden