Are Organisers Getting Overly Ambitious?

Run Ride Sight

R&R now has a whole new meaning in the sports world

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there seems to be a growing trend as of late in the Malaysian sporting world. The double dose of running and cycling! 
Run Ride Titiwangsa
However, it's not your typical duathlon or anything intense - organisers are simply giving their participants an option to run or bike.

Most of the Run & Ride events are targeted at the general populace due to the fact that the distances and activities are not overly stressful. The distances are well within the casual or charity event range (20-30km for rides, and 5-8km for runs). 

So why is this trend emerging? 


Perhaps organisers are simply trying to capture a larger audience, or capitalise on the cycling craze that is growing. 

Are runs and rides so similar that they can be easily crossed over and organised simultaneously? 

Surely the conditions and requirements for a cycling event and a run differ to several degrees - distance, pacing, marshalling, safety concerns. 

Are organisers stretching themselves too thin? Or are they confident they can easily handle both aspects just as well as they handle one? 

Or is there another reason for this expansion? 

Recently there has been talk that the government plans to control mass sporting events a lot more tightly. 

After the tragedy at the Klang Marathon event, the safety aspect of sporting events is at the forefront of everybody's minds.

Klang Marathon Tragedy

Many believe the authorities will use this as an opportunity to clamp down on unscrupulous event organisers that do not sufficiently provide for the safety of their participants. 

Perhaps by creating a multi-disciplinary event, organisers are hoping to avoid certain legal blockades that may arise in the coming months. 

We simply hope they're not compromising the safety of the attendees even further by spreading their taskforce across runners and cyclists that will be at different places at different times during the event.