Race Review : Battle Of Bukit Cendana Ultra Challenge  

  By: Jeremy Ng   7 August 2022                                                          

Battle of Bukit Cendana - Successfully Completed.

It was my first night trail run and I really didn't know what to expect. Glad to have my buddy join in as well.

I managed to finish in 2 hours and 9 minutes. It wasn't easy at all as there was some crazy elevation. I'm happy with my placing and time.

Felt like I was rushing home for something really important at 3am. Haha. 

The route was clear and properly marked.

There was a lot of drinks and food at the water station. On top of that all, the 2 tshirts and medal are just amazing. Hats off to the organizer.

T-shirt design

Congratulations to all podium winners as well as finishers. 

Podium winners

I think I'm starting to enjoy trail runs especially at night. It's really cooling and a bit relaxing at some point. Imagine the 50km runners doing 5 rounds more than what I did. Fuhhhh.

5 rounds !! Crazy indeed.