Penang 13th September 2022 - Jeremy's large eyes, sharp jaw and Thor outfit glisten under the morning sun in the tropical outdoors of Youth Park where we meet. As Howei's running ambassador, Jeremy joins and promotes events across Malaysia, often waking up before dawn to prepare his costume for the event ahead.


During his school days, he was not into running, but after started working, he met up with some friends who actually asked him to join them on some events. He started joining and found it interesting. “The T-shirts were nice, the medals were interesting, and the organizers made the events so much fun”, Jeremy said.


Credit: Jeremy Ng


He found it very different compared to these kinds of events. He sees people from all walks of life. The youngsters, kids, elderly and some people are coming with their families. He said: It’s actually a very pleasant site other than being a healthy event.


In 2017, he joined about 15 events, which was his first year of running and wanted to try something crazy. Somehow, he signed up for the Penang Bridge full marathon at the end of the year with no any preparations. “Do not do that, it was not easy and wow!” He rolled his eyes. “But I didn't regret”.


Credit: Jeremy Ng


Jeremy admits the first thing he looks at in most running events is the medals and T-shirt designs. Certain events without medals and t-shirts makes him a bit boring and technically didn’t join these events. Second, he will look at the distance, if the distance is what he is capable of. Third is the date of the events, whether he is free on that particular day or not. However, he would be more interested to join the charity events even if they don’t have medals. 


Mainly he joined events in Penang over the weekend, but occasionally he did join some interesting events in other states as well. For example, on a Transformers Run in Kuala Lumpur, because he was really crazy over Bumblebee and the medal was Bumblebee, the t-shirt was bumblebee too. Even though it took travel time to stay over only for less than half an hour for the run, but everything was very worthwhile.


In the future, he was thinking of trying a triathlon. He never tried a triathlon event before, but the only thing that worries him is probably the swim. “I can run, I can cycle but I'm not sure if I can swim the distance needed for a triathlon.” He said.


Credit: Jeremy Ng


Credit: Jeremy Ng


As a brand ambassador, when he goes for his run, sometimes he tends to dress up a little bit, sometimes like Thor, Black Panther, Captain America, Goku. “I find it’s kind of fun, when somebody screams, hey Goku, come!” he said while smiling. 


Credit: Jeremy Ng


Jeremy said, when he is not trying to save the world, he is actually working in a robotics company. Other than that, he is also a private tutor for primary and secondary school students for about eleven years now. Somehow he managed to juggle his time between running, hiking, cycling and his classes as well as his job. 


Talking about food, if he goes for long runs, he normally doesn't eat 2 hours before, because to avoid having any tummy problems. But if it's a short distance, he probably gets something like an hour before the run. Jeremy's favorite food is lamb steak, or more to western food. He likes meat!


For the recovery after runs, he just cooks for a quick meal and will sleep throughout the day for better tomorrow activities. 


Credit: Jeremy Ng


Jeremy also motivated that If you feel that you like it, if you feel that it's something that makes you distressed and something that you liked to do in the past, just do it. So long as it is safe, it is healthy, and at the end of the day, it makes you happy, follow dreams. 


He also mentioned, he will probably be going in some kind of costume, not deciding exactly which one yet. But if you see Jeremy, do stop him, take a picture with him and you can tag him on his page, which is Howei ambassador Jeremy Ng or even his personal Jeremy Ng Cheng Soon and stand a chance to win some prizes. 


My fellow friends, if you feel like trying out something new, just do it.” Jeremy said with enthusiasm.