Exciting 4 days 3 nights short cycling trip to Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia

(This trip is already over.  For photos of actual ride, please go to...  )


Amazing Lake Toba !

A leisurely cycing trip for any cyclist seeking fun and adventure !  

If you're fit and a cyclist, we invite you to join us in this exciting discovery holday ride to Lake Toba 
It will be a fantastic round trip -

Medan Airport Kuala Namu --> Pematang Siangtar --> Parapat -->Tuk Tuk --> Brastagi --> Medan city -->Medan Airport Kuala Namu 
[ Day 1 ] Airport to Pematang Siangtar  (*latest update  we may do an evening night ride instead) 
(cycle 115 km)

 1)  Fly to Kuala Namu Medan airport in the morning, meet cyclist Tommy Ko and the pickups with the MTB bicycles 
 2)  Start riding to the next town Pematang Siangtar (if too hot to ride, get on the pickup to Pematang Siangtar)

 3) For security and safety reasons, the 2 pickups will follow the riders     

 4) Stay a night in Pematang Siangtar

[Day 2] Permatang Siangtar to Tuk Tuk 
(cycle 50 km, uphill)

1) After breakfast, head for lake town Parapat

2) From Parapat, take a ferry to Samosir island (with the bicycle, of course)  

3) From the ferry point, cycle a short distance to Tuk Tuk village

4) Stay a night in Tuk Tuk village. Go swimming in the lake or hire a motocycle to go round the island or take some photos of the beautiful lake Toba  

[ Day 3 ] Tuk Tuk to Brastagi 

(cycle 95 km)

 1)  Next morning after breakfast, cycle from Tuk Tuk to Simanindo,  it's a short 10 km ride  

2)  Take a ferry from Simanindo to Tigaras (this route may be changed)

3) Cycle about 80km from Tigaras to resort town Brastagi - some parts are hilly

4) Stay a night at Brastagi

[Day 4] Brastagi to Medan, Airpoort 
(cycle 66 km)

1)  Next morning, cycle downhill all the way from Brastagi to Medan city  

2) Take dinner in Medan city before heading home 

3) Pickup will send riders to Kuala Namu airport for home 

At over 4000 ft, Lake Toba is cool and beautiful !!

And mind you, you're setting foot on one of the most important historical site in the world - the worlds biggest caldera Lake Toba ! A supervolcanoe once before, measuring a maximum of VEI 8 !

Toba blew it's top 70 thousand years ago and this nearly wiped out humanity, creating a genetic bottleneck.  The volcanic ashes landed as far as Pakistan and India's Decca plateau, meters thick

The world went into a volcanic winter due to the massive ash clouds floating in the stratosphere. Temperatures dropped, plants and animals died subsequently

When will it blow it's top again? Dread to think about it !  If it erupts again, with the same intensity like the last time, no one is safe !!

Tuk Tuk is a small resort place located in Samosir island, in Lake Toba. Samosir island is about the size of Siingapore island !  You can swim in the chilly water and even do some fishing in the lake.  But dont drop you diamond ring in there cos it's 1500 feet deep !

Kuala Namu Airport to Pematang Siangtar

Permantang Siangtar to Parapat

The real challenge is here - uphill ride to lake town Parapat.  

But fear not, over a distance of 40km, it's not hard 

Parapat to Samosir island and Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk to ferry point Simanindo

Catch a ferry to Tigaras

Cycle from Tigaras to Brastagi

Brastagi to Medan, downhill all the way

Medan to KNO Airport by car

Example of support pickup

This discovery trip is jointly organised by Howei/Bikelah and Tommy Ko of Medan

Targeting 18 Friday November 2016, returning 22 November Monday 2016 

Limited to only 9 person, on a first come basis (Sorry, registration is now closed)

The route may be subject to some last minute minor adjustments but this will not affect the number of days and date of the trip 

2 pickups will follow the riders all the way.  At any time during the ride, rider can request to hop on the pickup  
Esitmated cost per person RM 1000 - 1100 (3,000,000 Rupiah)
1. Flight from Penang/KL(return)             200 or
    Flight from Jakarta (return)                  240
2. Car support 4 days                             4 x 80 = 320
3. MTB hire 3 days                                3 x 70 = 210
4. Food 4 days                                      4 x 50 = 200
5. Accomodation 3 nights                       3 x 80 = 240
6. Ferry                                                 2 x 10 = 20

Total (excluding air ticket) is RM1050.00, if flying from Malaysia
Total (excluding air ticket) is RM1140.00, if flying from Jakarta

Rider need to budget about RM800 for the entire trip.  This excludes ait ticket, which has to be purcased and booked by rider personally  

To confirm participantion, you will pay online in advance as deposit rm 320 upon registration with Howei

The balance will be payable upon arrival at Kuala Namu Airport
The above cost estimation is strictly based on equal cost sharing; no profit will be made by Tommy or Howei/Bikelah

If due to unforseen the trip is cancelled, this money will be refunded  

This money will be kept by Tommyand Howei/Bikelah to pay for all the expenses during the trip.  Any short fall, riders will need to top up the difference.  However, if there is any left over balance after the trip, the money will be reimbursed

Flight to Kuala Namu AND return will must by booked and purchased individually, arriving 18 November 2016 (Friday) before noon and leaving 21 November 2016 (Monday) evening    
A bit last minute change... We will be flying in later arriving around 5.00pm.  Tommy will pick us up from the airport by car 

You need to travel light and bring the following..

1. Helmet (helmets are provided, but you can bring your own)
2. A lightweight jacket
3. Personal effects
4. Cycling jersey and pant
5. Arm covers (a bandana will be useful)
6. A light backpack (no big luggages !)
7. Swimming gears (if you want to swim in the lake)
8. Cameras

For bicycle frame sizing you need to state your height and other special requirments

Book air ticket early (Lion Air or AirAsia) to avoid price increases  

Please note that we plan to flag off the ride before noon. So book a morning flight arriving at Kuala Namu before noon, if possible 

You can buy a Sim card for your phone at the airport 

For further enquiries, contact Walin Shee of Bikelah walin@howei.com  +6012 423 1163


Tommy Ko of Medan tommyko61@yahoo.com +628126337569